Thursday, February 12, 2015

ACV and A4D Together Barely Even a Fig Leaf

From the Pubco's Morning Advertiser. Ellie Bothwell 11/02/2015
Changes to ACV Planning Law to be laid 'before General Election'

Protecting pubs isn't a very popular thing with government is it?  Certainly isn't a popular subject with the 'Pubs' Minister' or any other junior from DCLG who pump out hot air and no substance about pubs' protection in planning.

ACV and A4D provide nothing more than a fig leaf.

Stephen Williams and Kris Hopkins ought to get out more often, to pubs that is, and talk to the people who are being affected by the thousands of pubs that are going to the wall every year 'divested' by pubco's and private freeholders cashing in on property prices that make them worth more as a pile of rubble or a Coop Local than as a social hub and heart of community.

They won't bother with anything like that of course... Like Brandon Lewis and Andrew Griffiths the men in government who are named as having responsibility and care for the oldest profession in the world after being politicians just don't cut the mustard beyond saying they do things that they don't, actually, do.

Good thing there's an election coming. Whatever happens there's going to be a changing of the chocolate fire guard.

Posted by J Mark Dodds

12 February 2015 | 23h47

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