Sunday, December 07, 2014

'We need to take on the frenzied glorification of motherhood'

'I’m with Farage on breastfeeding – we need to take on the frenzied glorification of motherhood'

By Melissa Kite; Spectator 06 December 2014
'Frenzied Glorification of Motherhood'. Wow, Melissa Kite's flying a bit off the line of the Zeitgeist there. Sounds like she was brought up in a traditional English patriarchal backwater where taking tea in Claridges is commonplace. She hasn't moved the issue anywhere. In fact this issue isn't an issue.

Any real problem about breast feeding in public is just a hold over of social mores that are outdated and should be irrelevant to contemporary society. It's evidence of how long it takes to end status quo's and traditions.

The issue of breastfeeding in public isn't about tyranny of motherhood or the Listing of Diaperdom or anything like it. It's about pragmatic reflection that many women are able to be out and about with young babies who need to be fed. Socialising children needs to begin when they are born not when they have been potty trained and have a two thousand word vocabulary. Doing it in public, quietly and with unashamed discretion should be acceptable to everyone. Just the same way we don't find it acceptable for people to shout and throw food around and draw attention to themselves at a dining table generally.

Oh, and Lou Burns seems to be implying that farting and or squeezing spots and indulging in attending to other bodily functions while at the dinner table, or giving birth in the foyer of a hotel with a team of birthing staff in tow, are somehow in the same spectrum of social mores that have slipped to allow feeding a baby in public to be considered acceptable. They are not.

Further to that this is exactly the kind of easy thing Farage likes to be 'honest and frank about' so that he appears to be a 'good bloke'.  Nigel Farage is NOT a 'good bloke'. He is a massively overpaid at everyone else's expense TOFF, a highly privileged, self serving conniving soundbite loving lad who likes a pint and doesn't give a fucking hoot for anyone other than Nigel Farage. He is dangerous and only appears to have some scant validity because the rest of our politics is so dysfunctional. He is not part of a solution to a broken political set up, he is a symptom of it.

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