Thursday, June 19, 2014

Watch this, like it, support the Boileroom in Guildford. Neighbours are trying to close it down

Extraordinary venues like the Boileroom are rare. Sometimes curmudgeonly people decide to move nearby but don't like what they've moved near to, because they are Dick Heads, and they begin petitioning the local council to have the venue closed down. Help stop this from happening to the Boileroom...

See the petition on HERE


  1. We absolutely urge you to sign this petition, but then please go to and sign the national petition calling on a governmental review of noise abatement legislation. We at the Music Venue Trust ( and believe that this is a battle that needs to fought nationally as well as locally. Please support us - over 14,000 people already have.

  2. Keep live music "live" in the UK. Do not close down this venue. Tell the Dick Head if he does not like it - move. His choice to move there when he must have known it had live music.

  3. Here is our Blog over the Nightmare Venue Night & Day Cafe with regard's to the Noise Nuisance. Please share so that whole world can see truth. Thank-you for Reading our Blog

    1. I'm a publican. I've a wide network of publicans and separately have been assured this venue is well run.