Friday, May 16, 2014

The Pub Market

Totally pisses me off. Been saying this for years. The pub market has nothing whatsoever to do with the pub market. What totally pisses me off more than anything is the government knows this, on top of everything else it knows about the skullduggery and dodgy practices that have put the pub sector in the grip of private equity vultures, and has no intention of doing anything whatsoever about it except lie and prevaricate just like the White Collar criminals who run the pub sector. Cunts the lot of them. Absolute cunts in charge of OUR nation's heritage and cultural crown jewels... And we, the publicans and punters of pubs, are treated like thick, stupid numpties, patronised, patted on the head and shooed away with promises of hot air as we're being royally ripped off all the way to  the rich wine swilling suits back pockets and bank accounts, people who don't give a flying fuck about pubs, communities, other people or the future of anything other than their kids private education and their own yachting, hunting and fishing funds.

This is because the government is not of a mind to go interfering in 'the market' because the market is immutable and pure. Cunts

These Private Equity people are not sharks they're shit heads. They run the world. It's all about money. Making Money At Any Cost. Asset stripping, job destroying, community distressing, people discarding, tax evading, responsibility dodging, lying, creating filthy double dealing dickdongs, the lot of them.

They're in charge of almost everything. They even got into the Coop's skin - because everyone's and every business's performance is judged by the benchmark of these corner cutters' financial returns on investment. The Co-op bank made bad decisions because of peer pressure to perform like the scammbanks. They exposed themselves to the real world trying to get bigger rewards for their activities and forgot their foundations of probity and prudence and got burned. The ONLY way to perform that way is to short scam everyone along the way while saying they're doing good. It's the power of money personified into evil. Nothing matters as long as there's profit at the end: everything for Mammon.

They're running our world.

It's disgusting.

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