Thursday, May 15, 2014

Oh God please save us

There's nothing to understand other than we are here, we have responsibility for that, and for and to each other, and for everyone and for everything else that lives and dies on the planet we happen to be sharing with them.

The gods we invent and worship have no substantial encompassing global impact this is manifestly clear to anyone who can look at the world ale have made for ourselves without prejudice, it does not serve people or the planet sustainably. All our gods are of our imagination; we need to take responsibility for ourselves and change our behaviour. Our gods (the manifestation of our inability to accept responsibility for our own actions) have had their chances and failed again and again.

We are little more than a sentient, articulate embodiment of the primordial universe. It threw us up and it's our responsibility and no one else's (at least on this planet, Earth) to manage and sustain what is all around us - which we are, in the grand scale of things, a short lived part of -  responsibly.

If we don't manage to get a grip around the concept - that it's we who must make decisions and take action: that our "gods" are not going to tell us what to do - we'll just become another rather thin line in a geological timeline where there was just another mass extinction.

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