Saturday, May 03, 2014

JD Wetherspoon's

JDW are unimpeachable compared with most other pubco's. As Ben suggests, they set the benchmarking for good value and no other pubco comes close. Wetherspoon's fill the vacuum between truly independent pubs, the carbon copy 'brand concept' market niche specialists that Mitchells and Butlers so ably exemplify at their anodyne best no matter which niche they're targeting, and the majority of pubs, - supposedly independent but tied to the asset stripping  #GreatBritishPubcoScam pubco's like Enterprise Inns and Heineken et al whose prices are over the top because of the sky high rent and beer supply prices their usurious, asset stripping pubco freeholders charge tenants.

Wetherspoon's are a strong market response to a highly dysfunctional British pub sector.

They don't have to be brilliant because the general corporate competition in the pub sector is so utterly banal and bad value.

Their steak dinners are a total bargain. Boring, but a bargain.

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