Friday, February 14, 2014

Pubs All Over the UK are Under Constant Threat By Pubco Ownership

Gisburn pub stays shut as facelift rejected

From Lancashire Telegraph 14 February 2014

The pub is empty now because previous tenants' business failed paying too much rent and double the open market prices for beer supplied by their tied pub company who own the building.

The pubco's intention is to carry that on, 'investing' is designed to encourage new licensees to take on the pub as a 'lifestyle investment' and commit themselves to work hard to repay the pubco's investment - by paying too much rent and double open market prices for a bar full of bland Heineken products that have no relevance to Ribble Valley - and will likely go bust in the process of putting nose to grindstone being entrepreneurial trying to run their 'own' business which, actually, is the pubco's business they will be running for nothing.

If Gisburn people are genuinely concerned about the future of the pub and know there's demand for a great Local - the pub can be protected from change of use by being granted Asset of Community Value status but it does mean 21 people getting together to make it happen. About thirty pubs around the country have been protected this way already.

You can download information about the ACV process here

Dale Ingram is an historic buildings expert, she's the UK's leading expert on ACV's for pubs who's done several of these applications for communities around the country. It would be worth approaching her for advice. If you can find 21 people who live locally and are on the electoral roll - you could each put in around £15 and get the application done professionally .

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