Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bloody Persistent Zythophile Denial

Martyn you’re wrong. 

You are plain wrong and will not have it any other way. You know better than everyone else. But you are still wrong..

The people who tell you you are spot on are buttering you up because it serves their interests for people like you to keep promoting those apparently objective views. When the Fair Pint Campaign first launched we got a lot of press – it was all over the trade mags and national broadsheets – and we got a lot of people coming forward to find out more about what we were planning and where we thought the industry would be going. I did a lot of the meetings with these people, ranging from sole traders to small private groups to sizeable multiple operators with fingers deep in tied pubco pies, including former senior directors of pubco’s who had worked the other side of the fence (your side) then cut deals with their former colleagues to set up multi million pound businesses dozens of pubs by assembling the best and most experienced management teams in the industry for their boards and raising private equity money to get up and off. £millions. They all, without exception, were aghast that they were unable to make a profit out of the tied supplies.

All the meetings were Chatham House Rule. Not one of them would go on public record – for fear of losing everything, their businesses, their homes and their lives.

I suppose I just imagined all of that.

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