Saturday, July 06, 2013

Darren is Homeless

I met Darren on the way back from the Southbank Centre where I spent almost a whole week's NEA self employment survival money on tickets for me and my kids to see LODHO do Tom Waites - on the way back 'home' (for I am homeless too) after being to Wood Green to meet Jal Islam at Bank to the Future to discuss crowd financing the People's Pub Partnership.

Darren should NOT be homeless - and he should NOT be sleeping rough. He has fallen outside of the State's radar, he's invisible - as I would be if I did not have a wide network of friends and family to support me. Darren has friends and family too but none of them is in the position of being able to support him while he gets his life back on track after a series of not too unusual events that can happen to anyone, any time.

What is happening to this society is shocking, desperately damaging, wrong and plain unnecessary.

Read this very good blog post from Eviction Brixton for more on the subject:

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