Saturday, May 11, 2013


Story in This is Cornwall

This dreadful story is familiar to millions of people all over Britain who's best loved pubs are inexorably under threat of closure due to their being gradually run down through decades of incessant asset stripping by their pub company freeholders.

You've probably wondered, along with most people in Britain, why your local pub is so run down while their beer prices are so high. It's not complicated; it's the beer tie. Your local is probably owned by a pub company who's been letting it to a succession of publicans who, one by one, have been bled dry by sky high rents and beer supply prices which has led their business to fail... while the pub has gradually become more and more run down and dilapidated. Does this ring a bell in the story above?

The fact is most of Britain's pubs are under threat because most of them are owned by pubco's whose only bottom line interest is cash - they aren't interested in pubs, or people, or beer, tradition, heritage or community - cash is king - and they don't care how they get the cash as long as it keeps coming in to meet the debt obligations they have with their offshore bondholders.

In fact YOUR local is probably owned by a pub company. It's not complicated. Most people's local pubs are. It's the way the pubco's wanted it before the economic crisis when they believed that property prices would go up forever and they could increase their beer prices whenever they wanted... and people would just keep on signing leases and coming into pubs and buying beer at rip off prices. This is why pubs are closing everywhere, all over the UK, while their pubco's continue to make £millions.

The government is looking at this completely wrong situation right now and will be legislating to make sure publicans and the public get a better deal in their pubs. YOU can help this and make sure we all get a fair deal for our pubs. It won't take much time to stand up for what is right -

See the Fair Deal For Your Local campaign website and add your voice to the many people who already are standing up to pubco's who've abused their position as the responsible custodians of the institution of the Great British Pub.

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And Twitter on hashtag:#FairDeal4YourLocal

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