Friday, May 03, 2013

Britain’s pubs are at risk of disaster if government meddling continues

Article from City AM by John Spicer

My response:

Comparisons with the Beer Orders are not pertinent now. The 'disaster', as you put it, for pubs is already upon us.

Look around - unregulated pubco's run by accountants and solicitors have done their work - the pubs they own are already  run down, asset stripped, dilapidated and heading for business failure. Thousands of them have been through the process and are already closed, flogged off and turned into Tesco Locals, betting shops, fast food takeaways and badly converted private housing that blight our landscape everywhere.

The end game for pubs has already been brought about by pubco's through their own insatiable greed as they've squeezed their pubs and publican lessees dry to throw cash at the gargantuan mountains of debt they have no hope of ever paying off.

Pubco's are morally, intellectually and all but financially bankrupt. Their tied pub lease 'business model' has ruined Britain's pub sector. Without strong government intervention preventing their private equity pillaging of our nation's pubs there won't be any 'independent' pubs left and Britain's tradition, cultural heritage and very unique sense of place will be unalterably ruined for eternity.

Even you, John Spicer, need a #FairDeal4YourLocal

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