Thursday, May 16, 2013


The following is from Alan Yorke - the first tied tenant to take advantage of the PICAS system - the
Pubs Independent Conciliation and Arbitration Service, the 'independent and fair', good value rent assessment process for tied leaseholders who fear the expense of fighting, I mean conducting, a rent review with their business partners - and to be rolled over at PICAS, well he won, but he lost. If you know what I mean. It was hailed as a great success for the system - because he 'won' but Enterprise are still pursuing him for everything he's ever owned including his underwear. Tuppen will not rest until he has Alan's pants in his back pocket.

"I was very interested to read Enterprise Inns promotion of the Butchers Arms in Witney, their pub that appears to be down the road from the Chequers Witney (HERE IT IS):

Here's the link to the pub being marketed now on ETI's website

Quote from the marketing for the BUTCHER'S ARMS:

"A suburban pub in the market town of Witney, the Butchers Arms is situated just a two minute walk from the town centre and the famous Wychwood Brewery. The pub will appeal to cask ale specialist Publicans who want to tap into the local interest in the brewery."

Regional Manager's Review:

"The current customer base is predominantly local drinkers and sports teams. The potential is to improve the cask ale offer and link up with the nearby Wychwood Brewery to harness tour parties who can come to the Butchers Arms to sample the range of local cask ales."

Interesting that the Chequers can't stock the local ale made at "the famous Wychwood Brewery"!! That's Enterprise Inns for you... "

Duplicitous, conniving, scamming thieves. Enterprise I mean. Just in case there was any question.

Simon, Pubco Victim - you will love it! (Pubco Victim is Simon Moore the lessee of the Chequers - another happy tenant of Enterprise Inns.


  1. Enterprise Inns never allow good ale to be stocked which is one of the reasons I try to avoid them. If a pub has a reputation for its food, I will call and ask them which beers they have on tap and occasionally if I am feeling mischievous I will quiz them as to which one they might recommend to go with a steak or with pasta.

    I notice that although pubs often keep their food menus up to date on their websites, they almost never provide a beer menu. Free houses very occasionally provide up-to-date beer menus - one example I have found is The Bottle Inn at Marshwood, Dorset:!botttleinn-beer-cider-real-ale/c24i2

  2. Thanks for posting - and for the link to the Bottle Inn website where, I notice, they hold the world stinging nettle eating competition. And this:

    "Alas there was no competition in 2011 due to the old pub being closed yet again, watch this space for 2012."

    Do you know why the pub was closed 'yet again' in 2011?