Saturday, February 09, 2013

Representative Trade Disorganisations

Went to tweet responding to something PMA tweeted about and find that now I'm blocked by Morning Advertiser as well as Rib Willock and Mike Berry.

"Morning Advertiser @morningad The Publican's Morning Advertiser is a weekly magazine and daily website for the pub trade. First published in 1794"

They stopped publishing news relevant to all pubs a long time ago, around the time the trade associations like Guild of Master Victuallers and the Licensed Victuallers Association began to lose members through deaths and the British Institute of Inn keepers lost its way

@morningad blocked me after I tweeted these things:

J Mark Dodds

Unutterable flippant TRIPE penned by 'Editor in Chief' of British Pub Trade's 'Leading Publication': … apologies to ALL
People's Pub Ptshp

@morningad @RobWillock Poor show making mockery of serious crisis pubco's abuse of power has created in British public sector

J Mark Dodds

@morningad @RobWillock Re murder of pubco self regulation? YOU TOTALLY missed the point: Self Reg was still born

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