Friday, January 04, 2013

Wow! It’s 2013.

Wow! It’s 2013.
Today is the first that I’ve felt something like not very ill since well before Christmas. I’ve been in bed for mostly every day since 23 December. This is the worst illness I can recall since Tonsillitis with oral thrush in 1976 when I could eat nothing solid for two weeks, lost two stone and almost vanished, just prior to going to the Arctic Circle for two months… I’ve had Pneumonia since then. This virus that’s been doing the rounds — LOADS of people I know have had it, from the length and breadth of Britain to Japan and the ‘States, might not have been as serious as Pneumonia that but it certainly hurt more.
Thanks to friends and family without whom I’d still be really ill. And for analgesics, central heating and great bedding… without which a disease like that would probably be life threatening.
Happy New Year to ALL.

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