Saturday, January 26, 2013

Broken Pubs. Broken People. Gathering Evidence.

We need to assess the social damage created by a landscape of broken pubs.

A significant number of good people - thousands - have lost their shirt through sinking everything they've ever saved and owned into setting up business in a pubco lease following being attracted by the pubco dream, low cost entry, a great opportunity to make something of their lives after whatever they were doing before... A pubco lease was a dream and the beginning of a new, successful career where they could consolidate their experience and skills into a business where they were in control, where their efforts, hard work and absolute commitment would be rewarded, grow and develop into a profitable venture that would set them up for the rest of their natural...

These are the invisible, voiceless, majority. There's loads of them out there, downtrodden, beaten, rebuilding their lives following financial ruin; the last thing they want to do is campaign for a fair deal anymore. What they need to do is forget and get on with forgetting what they went through. They need to recover from the SHAME of failure.

It would be good to find these people. Some of them will probably have a few boxes full of evidence they never had a chance to put to use.

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