Saturday, December 01, 2012

Licensees Supporting Licensees

Quick explanation for those who 'don't get it'. We're just doing a bit of housekeeping.

Sheena did a thread on the main page to explain but it's not being seen by enough people.

We need a secure environment for relatively open discussion - where people contributing don't feel they may compromised - or else there's little point in having a Forum. WE - all of us - want to be as sure as we can that there are not any pubco plants etc. among us.

WE often discuss sensitive issues where WE help each other defend ourselves against the actions of Big Bad Pubco's or IR or business rates, bailiffs whatever. People discussing their business circumstances potentially expose themselves to risk of various levels and type - if information they post here gets into the wrong hands it could alert the forces of evil to what's going on.

Behind the scenes Admins have been asking people whov'e requested to join who they are. And some of the responses aren't convincing. And we haven't let them join.

Hope that helps. Sorry if it doesn't make enough sense to be intelligible. I have a hangover from the first night of the Great British Folk Festival at Butlin's Skegness. It's brilliant.

The Festival not the hangover.

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