Saturday, December 01, 2012

Fleurets predicts major pub deals in 2013

Why beat around the bush with a long winded press release and a learned article when it can be told in a couple of sentences?

Dire Prospects For British Pub Sector as New Year Looms.

2013 predicted to be crunch year for British pub sector as major pubco disposals continue to flood an already saturated falling market with hundreds more over priced under invested pub freeholds 'suitable for alternative use subject to planning'.

Following two stagnant years of pub sales, which slid into 2012's rapid price decline, major deals highly unlikely in 2013 due to pubco's continuing to shed hundreds more failed pub businesses in desperate efforts to service the massive unsupportable debts that have dragged them towards insolvency.

Pubco's suffering 'death by a thousand cuts', as income collapses due to customers abandoning pubs that sell overpriced tied beers in run down premises falling far short of contemporary customers' expectations.

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