Friday, December 14, 2012


I got a call from an unknown number this morning:

'Hello mate, it's the delivery for Sun and Doves, be there in ten OK?'

'Yep, that's great thanks, we'll be waiting for you'.

I was evicted from that pub - fourteen months ago - by S&NPC now brilliantly renamed Star Pubs & Bars owing them £150K back rent and legals after the 2005 rent review.

Understanding that the Draymen have nothing to do with the edifice that crushes them as well as everyone else who's not a board member or part of the predatory pubco food chain I sent the guy a text a couple of minutes later:

'Sorry I should have said. This number is Mark Dodds - the lessee of the Sun and Doves who was evicted from the pub in Sept 2011. Please tell the fuckwits at credit control of Star Pubs and Bars what a bunch of twats they are and get them to put the right number on their system.

God help the pub trade and check this out : it's not quite ready to go yet but please spread the word. It's happening next year. Happy Christmas. Best. Mark. Give my regards to Delboy.

The site's in beta. It's not ready for general release but it gives a flavour of where this is going.

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