Thursday, May 03, 2012

12 UK pubs close every week, says CAMRA

12 pubs now close across Britain every week – 8 in suburban areas, and 4 in rural areas, with the nation’s high streets showing resistance in the current economic climate.

I really rate CAMRA but wonder about the accuracy of the data where the closure figures are sourced. My water tells me the figures should be much higher.

One national agent alone had SEVEN 'new to the market' pubs 'suitable for alternative use' advertised just yesterday. This is a regular, frequent thing. There are commercial pub specialist agents all over the UK getting instructions all the time to market dead boozers that are no longer 'viable' as far as their pubcos are concerned. Seriously, they go out on the market 'may be suitable for alternative use subject to planning' while often they're still on the pubcos books as a potential Tied lease - in the hope that some sucker's going to chuck a load of cash into a ruin, getting the building open for trade before working hard on how to push beer up hill - and failing to turn around their fortunes.

Many of these pubs coming to market are viable but ONLY if they are adequately invested in with a good amount of commercial experience behind the money. And that's not happening.

Saves pubco overheads while they eventually finds that elusive buyer.

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