Monday, April 23, 2012

My Morning Advertiser Profile is a bit out of date:

The Sun and Doves., Camberwell London SE5. Tied lease with S&NPE. Now named S&NPC 

I had a bio on the previous MA website but it was erased when this site came live. This is a free flow ramble.

It's a multi award winning pub. That is not by chance, it's something to do with me. It's my money I invested, my ideas, my graft, my flair and skills. I send out at least 4,500 emails every week and promote more actively than any other pub I've ever come across that doesn't have DJs and door staff. Yet S&NPE believe that a competent operator would achieve an 18% net increase income over the money The Sun and Doves takes now. When I signed the lease it was doing a grand a week. There have been many shootings, stabbings, other gun and knife crimes, (the most recent is a murder 60 metres away from our front doors at 1pm yesterday as I write this on 20 December 2008) crack houses, whores, prostitutes, aggressive beggars and all manner of other scumbag activity right on our doorstep. We're slap bang in the middle of two of the most deprived wards in the UK and S&NPE treat me like I'm on High Street Kensington.

I have been stressed out beyond belief through my relationship with pubcos. Scottish & Newcastle Pub Enterprises for the last ten years. Only long term medication and one to one therapy has enabled me to cope with the crass stupidity of the system, the ignorance, the lies, deceptions, misrepresentations and down right charlatanry of the pubco system. It's Dark Ages stuff.

I am a founder of the Fair Pint Campaign and I will not rest until the pubcos are brought to heel and hell. This is a rational position - based on logic, experience of the free of tie real world and a deep sense of right instilled by parents who are Methodist/Quaker in belief and educators by profession.
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