Friday, April 20, 2012

J Mark Dodds

on Facebook Save the Wenlock page:

Young's have been going steadily down the tubes since family was removed from operations. Somehow they still call themselves a 'brewery' - HUH? Whats that about? Young's doesn't brew anything - except discontent - and therefore patently is NOT a brewery. Young's is a pubco no more no less. As Dave Baxter points out above now Young's is just another slavish mediocre imitator of general giant pubco mediocrity of the likes of Punch Taverns and Enterprise Inns whose example set off a corporate disease that has infected pretty much the whole of the pub sector, spawning bad practice, expensive beer and a short term return unsustainable private equity driven business model which leads to serial pub churn and ultimate failure of the national pub estate via S&N PubCo (read: 'Heineken'); Admiral Taverns, Greene King, Marston's, Fullers, Shepherd Neame and many other 'brewers' tied leased arms. They are all guilty of strangling the golden goose for the financial benefit of shareholders, bondholders and their own debt repayment.

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