Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Morning Advertiser

It is worth pointing out the bleeding obvious.

Everything in the pub sector is not even and balanced - it is a massive, convoluted, intertwining fit up concocted by be-suited scammers, with backgrounds in anything other than pubs such as in law and accountancy, most of whom have side stepped out of the world of pubs, taking their private equity booty with them to start scamming afresh in different fields having slashed and burned their way through the bedrock of Britain's tradition and cultural heritage.

Picas and the other fig leaves in the same vein are just that - meaningless, deliberately ineffective thin, unsubstantial veils set up for pub companies and their cronies to hide behind so they can carry on making hundreds of £millions every quarter as they asset bank the national pub estate while getting thousands of other people to cover the costs of running their properties and paying their business rates until such time as they've been hived off: 'suitable for alternative use, subject to planning' and the principals involved at the top have manouvered themselves into the line up for Knighthoods, OBEs and positions on the boards of other nihilist, societally damaging corporate entities that create nothing of use and destroy everything of value.

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