Wednesday, April 18, 2012

East Dulwich Forum re news that The Ivy House is to close 22 April 2012,871916,872156#msg-872156


I've been campaigning about exactly this sort of aggressive treatment of pubs as bricks and mortar assets for years and Frankly, by and large, until it happens, no one ever bothers to mobilise against the pubcos and people all over the UK wonder how they get away with it.

In six weeks time the Ivy House will be another memory that few people bother resurrecting, having moved their bodies to some other place that's still trading.

Here's MY pub: [] that I was evicted from last September folowing a six year long rent review I ultimately lost, owing the pubco, S&NPC, £150K in back rent and legal costs I couldn't pay. Subsequently I was made homeless and bankrupted which was a relief and left me to get on with my life instead of interminably battling a bunch of private equity scammers.

Here's the solution to what pubcos are doing to OUR pubs all over the UK: []

And here's the facebook page: [] and Twitter: []

The People's Pub Partnership, when it's up and running, would bid for a pub like the Ivyhouse and keep it fit for purpose for the 21st century. And you could be part owners.

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