Monday, February 13, 2012

A meeting over lunch

Casa Madeira

Mark - when's good to catch up? How about lunch on ...


That'll be good - I need to be in Camberwell for 3.00pm

Whereabouts shall we dine?


I'll be travelling from Westminster so why don't we say somewhere between there and Camberwell. That's your part of the world though so will defer as to a good place...




As the crow flies we are stumped BUT how about there's a Portuguese restaurant under the railway arches along south embankment next door to Majestic Wines?

I've not eaten there before, only had a coffee or a beer, but it is definitely no question being in Portugal for the duration - a quick way to get away from it all. We can have bifana or something more filling like bifana and chips. We'll feel like we've just got back from holiday the moment we step back out into the February chill.

I don't know its name. You go over Lambeth bridge and turn right and it is up on the left past the petrol station OR you go over Vauxhall bridge turn left and it's on the right in the last arch away from Vauxhall station.

IS that ok? Is midday too early?


I'll trust your judgement...sounds good.

Let's say 1230. Done


It will be. 12.30 it is... Look forward to it:


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