Thursday, February 16, 2012

FLVA calls for fairer share of profits for tied licensees

At LAST FLVA is catching up and having the nerve to say it; albeit rather diplomatically and way behind the curve.

These points were being made graphically years ago - the untenable earnings, the inequitous conditions, the penurious position of tied lessees all over the country - none of this is news, this is Ancient History.

IF articles like this were of wider interest and got into the mainstream press this industry would be the laughing stock of the nation - which is EXACTLY what it should be.

Conditions in the tied pub sector have been dragging WAY behind the real world for decades (by about seventy years real time would be a good guess), so much so that there's nowhere left for the tied pub sector to crawl off to to before it dies and now it's just slumping into its last pathetic rasping gasp where it is - on its knees.

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