Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Consult grassroots over code of practice, claims York publican

It's all old hat really - The Pub Industry Shop Floor SHOULD have been consulted on COPs but never would be - the COPs are a COP OUT and everyone in the pub industry who's interested knows it.

Which points the finger at who the Establishment THINK are the Shop Floor - and that is BBPA, who like to be the Industry Spokespeople at every level and are happy not to disabuse people of the fact that they are nothing the pubco's positive publicity poodle.

Martin Rawlings (Dr) is being disingenuous, although deep down inside he does have a trickle of sympathy for publicans who are on the rack, because he knows an independent pub trade body that represented licensees' interests genuinely would just make his job, and the BBPA's, more difficult:

Instead of flicking off irritating salvoes, like gnats, from lots of small powerless but noisy groups, the British Beer and Pubco Propaganda Association would be forced to actually account for the nonsense that's constantly pumped out about the pub sector from BBPA Towers: "More Free Houses close forever than Free of Tie", for example.

Separately - Steve Corbett has it right about CAMRA - Anita's a bit out of touch - at least about where they are at national level, they are well ahead of the intellectual curve although perhaps her local branch haven't caught up with current thinking.

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