Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Camberwell Online 7 February 2012

Ate at Mishkins at 25 Catherine Street WC2B 5JS — a stone’s throw from my earliest restaurant work in London at Joe Allen and Orso, oh twenty six years ago.

SIMPLY BRILLIANT bill for two including service — £38 Overall pretty close to perfect. Worthy of much admiration.

Ate at Green and Blue last night East Dullwich. Food OK, service, OK, ambience OK. Bill for four people, including service: £143 Overall lifeless and DULL. And Expensive.

West End? East Dullwich?

Mishkin wins every time. It’s the sort of catering that would MAKE Camberwell, alongside Angels & Gypsies, Wuli Wuli, Mangal and Silk Road etc when they are on form.

Actually it’s the sort of catering we were considering for Paul’s Continental — the Olive Shop. But the owner didn’t want to let it when we asked.

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