Sunday, January 01, 2012

Wenlock Saved by Michael Clarke:

Excellent piece.

There remains need for caution beyond the issue of what happens to the pub regarding future tenure

I’m a publican and one of the founders of the Fair Pint Campaign and very familiar with these issues and how they’ve impacted on pubs and communities all over the uk and how they continue to threaten many thousands more pubs, particularly those, as you mention, that are not so busy and lack the support of a staunch band of regular or loyal informed and interested customers as does the Wenlock.

It’s a very British malaise that is dynamically affecting communities everywhere and, one way or another in the vast majority of instances is driven by insatiable Private Equity financial greed; individual and corporate.

A note of caution: In spite of immediate reprieve from demolition due to extension of the conservation, as the pub is a stand alone freehold without physical connection to any other building, I believe there’s still the possibility that The Wenlock could be converted into a grocery store / supermarket without any need for a planning application.

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