Saturday, December 31, 2011

Never a Dyson fan be

What percentage of used paper towels in the UK get recycled?

OR: Does the Dyson Airblade make more sense than paper towels? The answer, by the way, is 'NO')

J Mark Dodds:

What surprises me about all Dyson's products is how essentially pointless they are - they're all replicating things that already exist which generally work pretty well, none of them seem, REALLY, to produce any particularly spectacular savings - either financial (as they all seem to be between two and ten times more expensive to buy than the stuff they are replicating) or materially (do any of these products use significantly fewer raw materials in their manufacture than those they replicate?) or environmentally, ecologically or ethically (carbon footprint, do they consume less energy in use / create supply chain efficiencies / employment conditions / pay). On top of all that they mostly, to my eyes and ears anyway, seem louder, brasher and, generally, a LOT uglier than the stuff they are replicating. What's going on here? Emperor's new clothes? Happy New Year

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