Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tim Martin knows that our Old Etonians really are rotten old onions:

but unfortunately some of his pubs leave a lot to be desired...
20 hours ago - Dawn Hopkins

The pub market is dominated on the one hand by tied pubs suffering from chronic underinvestment and the other by anodyne branded pile it high flog it cheap chain operations, mid range branded chain operations and top end chain operations desperately trying to look bespoke and individual, serving food off menus which, on the face of it, look like they are lovingly assembled with care, drawing from seasonal local produce and cooked to order by caring chefs who are passionate about food which in fact are identical to all the menus in the group, centrally produced and distributed to be assembled soullessly by deskilled food production operatives. Mitchells and Butlers are the masters of these formula pits that generate huge revenues ... pubs that are truly individual in all ways are getting thinner on the ground all the time. - J Mark Dodds

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