Wednesday, January 18, 2012

S&NPC package empowers lessees

'Interested Observer': The voice of reason as ever. Your posting all that 'objective' stuff shows you've learned nothing about pubcos and the pub sector from your time on this forum. An objective step aside. considering your posting history, makes your appearance seem transparently clear that you're some high up pubco employee bent on justifying the indefensible. From your long history of sitting on the even handed fence I'd say you probably work for Marston's.

Whatever. The point is, IO, that pubcos should all be damned, as a matter of course, as totally unfit for purpose and be thrown in the waste bin of history for asset stripping the nation of its heritage.

The pub industry is 50 years behind where it should be and within that S&NPC leads the pack in its utter incomprehension of what pubs are about. Their only interaction with publicans / lessees is to cross T's and dot I's to make sure pubco will never under any circumstance be exposed to any form of risk, or get egg on its face when their lessees fail to comply with some aspect of legislation that the freeholder should have sorted before letting out their crumbling bricks and mortar to real people via bloated over priced FRI leases.

There is no transparency whatsoever on the freeholder's side of the pub sector. They're in it for the money and stop at nothing to get every last penny out as cast as they can.

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