Friday, December 02, 2011

In at the deep end

In at the deep end

If you want to offer balance to this trade you've taken on an impossible job - there is no balance. You are immediately compromised.

You're in it now, it's downhill from here on in - any journalistic integrity and objectivity of view you may have had in the past is now officially down the Swanee. You will be arguing for the tie, you will be promoting fine embroidery on the Emperor even though he's bare ass naked, and you will find yourself out to lunch with some of the lowest life in Britain this side of the Russian Mafia.

Welcome to the dirty old fashioned world of the pub sector.

You will discover among the legacy you've inherited with your job that just about the only properly balanced view point published in the industry is that of Robert Sayles

Read his contributions over the time he's been writing for PMA and you'll get a true reflection of what really goes on.

Problem with Robert's contributions, is that his insightful and honest reflections of what really goes on in the tied pub sector, and how that affects the whole industry, manages to be a fig leaf for PMA - the only 'voice of the publican' who then says "look we are objective and open - we allow a tied tenant to blog freely - his view point is just one of the spectrum - he's entitled to his opinion but it is only an opinion - and doesn't represent the majority of tenants who get on fine with the tie and their pubco'.

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