Wednesday, December 21, 2011

BISC: Pubco debate heads to the House of Commons

Debate? What Debate? Has, or has not, Ed Davey been tucked up like a kipper?

Yes. It's VERY complicated isn't it. MUCH more complicated than Ed Davey said when he said:

"It's more complicated than the tied publican plebs out there understand; I've been speaking to Brigid and Ted (well, actually, my teaboy spoke to their teaboys) and they tell me it's MUCH more complicated than all these thick little pig ignorant semi literate oik tenants understand; yes those people who are going out of business in their thousands who say it's the tie WOT DIDIT when, IN FACT, it's our government's policies that are shutting them down).

"The pubco's need freedom, they need leeway, they are already generously supporting their large unpaid Bonded Labour Force as well as they can be expected - to the tune of £millions - in a stalwart to selflessly shore up their individual businesses. It's important that the fat bloated overpaid nonces who run the pub industry should never be seen to be acting like charities in their shareholders and bondholders eyes; because they won't like it. It's they who will be the ones to lose out if we, the government, interfere in the hallowed contractual arrangements struck between willing parties of Feudal Land Barons on the one side and their Unwashed Thick Lazy Indolent Stupid Serfs on the other.

"No, far better to implement the 1893 precedent of the Carbolic Ball against the existing codes of practice and leave the tenants to fend for themselves against the retained legal departments of the forces of beer evil."

"That way it's simple; the COP stuff can be legally binding before Christmas (actually thinking on these always WERE legally binding weren't they, given the carbolic precedent I wonder why no tenant has EVER had a breach of code of practice hold up against a pubo) and everyone will live happily ever after and my Christmas box from BBPA will be a bumper one; I should coco."

This utter nonsense has been going on for decades. The pub industry is a JOKE.

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