Saturday, November 26, 2011

Of course this man of limited intellect and poor foresight WILL NOT resign. As far as he is concerned any difficulties the company he's responsible for encounters are the fault of anything and everyone apart from himself or the people he associates with in their faceless, remote Solihull headquarters. Over the last decade or two he's assembled a team of sycophantic cronies as his left and right hand aides and a solid phalanx of dull witted talentless henchmen and women who they rely on to police their completely uncreative, unimaginative bland but highly lucrative business of over renting disastrously run down properties to lessees on the implied promise of supporting them in a form of partnership operation where the entrepreneurial skills and hard work of the publicans are paired with the mighty strength and experience of the pubco to take the lessees into financial penury. Works a treat.

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