Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's very complicated RT:

Thousands of pubs are closing all over Britain and everyone agrees this is a national tragedy; a blot in history, a loss to our society that has a damaging impact on communities everywhere.

Everyone wants it to stop.

Everyone who has an ounce of analytical intelligence says it's directly the result of tied pubco landlords making hundreds of £millions of profit every year by charging tenants double for rent and beer than the free of tie sector does.

Tenants say it's the pubco's charging so much for rent and beer that they don't make a living, don't make a profit, can't invest in their premises and have to charge so much for beer - their customers stop coming.

The pubco's say they are nice people who are doing a good job of supporting thousands of our tenants who, unfortunately, don't understand the tie, and don's know how to run their businesses and so are going out of business and threatening the pubco's livelihood at the same time. It's just awful. There's nothing more the pubco's can do to help these silly tenants and if the Ministers listen to these nasty wasty tenants who don't know how to run their businesses and blame the pubco's for making hundreds of £millions while their pubs are closing everywhere - and if the Ministers remove the pubco's right to charge double for rent and beer what is reasonable or feasible then the industry really will fall apart and even MORE pubs will close without the nice uncle and auntie pubco's to look after them.

That's what's complicated:

The tenants say it's the pubco's

The pubco's say it's not them

The government goes to BBPA and says 'what's the problem'

BBPA says 'it's the perfect storm and the tenants don't understand their industry, we do; the tie is the only thing that keeps the wolf from the tenants' door, if it goes so do even more tenants AND the pubco's - there's nothing wrong really, self regulation is that way ahead'.

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