Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ed Davey writes… Glass half full – or half empty?

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Lots of listening Mr Davey but little reading, if you’d taken the time to properly read the BISC report that landed on your desk you’d see it didn’t ask for abolition of the tie, so why did you bring abolition up in your response? Only BBPA spin that line – and they represent pubco’s.

No-one in IPC called for abolition and what the report said, signed off with cross party support, was that if pubco’s are so convinced (as they remain) that the tied option was so good for pubs then they would have nothing to fear in offering a free of tie option at rent review, when any leaseholder could see the wonderful benefits of tied lease options and compare them to the alternative.

You didn’t read your select committee properly and your response is shameful – and this blog of yours underwrites that view. Failure to read reports is maladministration. Seeing as you don’t follow the committee at all will you now move to disband all BIS committees and save future costs for those running and attending them?

Your position is half empty – can we have a top up please?

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