Friday, November 25, 2011

BIS: CAMRA accuses Government of weak reforms

What on earth Ed Davey and Vince Cable think they are doing is beyond any rational assessment of the situation.

This is not 'weak reform' it's plain and simple TRASHING of the government's own Select Committee process. The MPs involved must feel this is a total a slap in the face of all their hard work and diligence in exposing the appalling business.

Select Committees are part of the hallowed democratic process of government, they are part of the solid foundation stones of the fairness Britain is supposedly known for in the very architecture of its democracy. They are designed to produce bi/tri partisan cross party, objective insight into the depths of the machinery of our society.

As far as the tied beer system is concerned, Select Committee after Select Committee, under different successive governments, have consistently produced severe criticism of the pubco's business practices. They have highlighted serial and continuous abuse of the tie. They have exposed the truly shocking business practices of untrammelled capitalism toward tenants who are unable to stand their ground against systematic bullying, intimidation, misrepresentation, lying, manipulation of data, obfuscation and generally appalling business practices of their Landlords who behave no less than as errant fuedal land barons applying punishing usurious tactics unsupervised by a Monarchy away on Crusades.

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