Thursday, October 13, 2011

a shadow of my future self (a moment ago | edit | delete)

noele - it won't be permanently shut as a pub because Scottish & Newcastle Pub Company and Royal Bank of Scotland (the freeholder) will make £200K a year out of the site by leasing it to someone like me who will invest heavily in it to make it busy again - and then be fleeced by the conditions of the lease and the supply agreement - a contract which they will enter 'freely into' with full knowledge and the foresight to understand that if they do not sell it on to someone else at a healthy profit before the first rent review, they will have their profits removed legally by the landlords and their cronies

H@shim A - you got it! How are things? For me it's like WOW thank the gods I'm not still being dragged down by all that madness of dealing with a numbskull pub company and densely stupid bankers.

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