Saturday, October 15, 2011

Camberwell Online

For the record, wherever that may be, John Friary is a good man who has done huge amounts of good for many, many people, selflessly, for decades.

There is no way on earth he deserves anything of what he’s been put through and what’s still happening to him now.

If he were a local councillor, I’d vote for him without hesitation.

There. I wish I’d said that a long time ago.
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J Mark Dodds says:
October 15th, 2011 at 5:01 pm

As for Gala Bingo — it’s a place where divine interventions are common occurrences. This MUST be true because Pastor Adeleke and his fine wife, in all their finest fine finery, say so.

Consequently ‘they’ are openly advertising their religious services now.

However, as ‘they’ say. I am SURE that before Pastor Adeleke and his fine wife paid 3 million quids for the Cinema — it was just as godless as the rest of Camberwell and there was no divine intervention there whatever.

Back to the subject on topic. God and his divine interventions with the Redeemed Christian Church of His Name; re the link above heartfelt apologies to Mrs Jessie Jenkins for missing out the ‘I’ in her “Now No Tablets, No Pain” name.

And congratulations to Mr R. B. Charteris; Cambs who says: “I WAS NOT A BIT RELIGIOUS — SEVERE ARTHRITIS — NOW A NEW MAN”

Church of England Leader Canon Malcolm Widdecombe, died 2010, is quoted as saying something very nice about the RCCG championed healer and his abilities to make many people walk home after arriving on crutches or in wheelchairs.

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