Monday, September 26, 2011

Told my father years ago the only way to explain the behaviour of pubco employees is to deduce they are all taught that publicans are crooks whose sole intention is to steal from the pubco, buy out of tie, under declare income, avoid paying tax and so on... so the bonus system of the employee is affected and the only way to counter that is to always assume the worst of publicans. My dad said: 'Mark listen to yourself, you sound paranoid, mentally unhinged, why would any company train their employees to behave that way? It's not logical, it doesn't make any sense, surely they need to work with you not against you'... Roy, I sais, surely you of all people, who's heard the story day by day over ten years - all the lies, all the let downs, all the things S&NPC has said they'd do - they NEVER follow through on any of it. It's ALL one way. They look at lessees and think: "What's yours is mine. I OWN you and everything you do id trying to take what I own away from me". That was a couple of years before Steve Corbett and Nicky Francey and I started to put the Fair Pint Campaign together. I am absolutely certain I am sure there is a pubco training module which teaches something like that. It's the only way to explain why all BDM's no matter where they come from, use the same phrases, adopt the same kind of body language and make the same kind of lame jokes and chit chat when they come to visit. They are a sub species of humanity.

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