Monday, September 26, 2011

RE: Fair Pint founder Dodds to be evicted on Friday

The police called me Friday and asked me, very politely, about what had happened as I was leaving the pub - because S&NPC want to press charges against me for Criminal Damage and theft. They told the police officer that all the fixed seating, the bar pumps and the primary cellar cooling equipment belonged to them. They said that I’d stolen it and they wanted a crime reference number.

I explained: All this is equipment that I bought and installed myself, personally, with my own hands, during a refurbishment in 2006. All the F&F was then sold to a lease hire company to release cash which ironically helped finance my rent review fight through arbitration. I recounted the FACT that S&NPC has a detailed list of all the inventory, including this equipment, which proves that Title (ownership) belongs to someone else i.e. NOT them and NOT me and that the pubco had been told, in no uncertain terms, that if they did not come to an arrangement with two of the staff to continue trading the business under a TMA or some other form of agreement all the F&F would be removed to protect the assets of the hire company. S&NPC told the policeman the cellar cooler alone was worth £10,000. Now then — this is the same equipment they always refused to service, which I ultimately replaced with new, it cost about £5K in all, which S&NPC always told me is tenant’s F&F.

It’s not complicated folks: this is a clear cut case of the pubco lying to the police. They MUST go to the wall and end the blight they have brought upon the pub industry and the tradition and heritage of the British Isles.

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