Wednesday, September 21, 2011

RE: BISC: BBPA claims statutory code will close more pubs

JL. There's no one body that does it. This is how pubcos came to be able to slide themselves into position as the bully in the tuck shop with their snouts deep in the till their bellies in the wholesaler's supply chain their backsides at the headmaster's table being slapped on the back by the board of governors.

The Fair Pint Campaign HAS represented the position of tied lessees though. It was set up by tied tenants who have all been at the brunt end of the Tie and know it inside out through bitter experience. Some of the founder members have just set up to help lessees. I can't tell you much about this right now as I've been distracted by imminent eviction proceedings against me and impending homelessness and bankruptcy.

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