Wednesday, September 21, 2011

J Mark Dodds



RE: BISC: BBPA claims statutory code will close more pubs

Unbelievable rubbish from BBPA. As Usual.

BBPA's acted as a smoke screen for the worst excesses of the tied pub system to hide behind for decades. BBPA has misrepresented the sector to government consistently but in recent years, since there has been a representative voice for lessees picking holes in their defence of the indefensible their arguments have fallen away to dust.

BBPA's performance at the last Select Committees was derisory - they had no arguments left to use to hide the truth which is that pubcos have been profiteering from the demise of thousands of individuals who operate their pubs, pay the rent and serve the beer that makes the wheels of the tied pub sector go around.

Pubco's using BBPA as their 'honest broker' and media spinner have churned the nation's pubs to the limit and beyond and now, finally, the truth is out and the writing on the wall for a shockingly damaging, insiduous presence in the pub market.

There desperately needs to be a revolution in this rotten industry if Britain is to keep any of the truly extraordinary value that lies in the heritage and tradition of pubs and how they interact with their community.

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