Friday, September 16, 2011

Jowell: Get ready for games

I would be ready - as SE5 Forum for Camberwell, the local community forum I co founded in 2003, commissioned, raised funds for and project managed Southwark's main one year to go London 2012 Olympics day on Camberwell Green:

We pulled in funding through Lambeth Forum Network as well; pretty much the first time in living memory the two boroughs have cooperated together on any one event.

However as I am being evicted from my Tied Pub, leased from Scottish & Newcastle Pub Company, owned by Royal Bank of Scotland, next Friday, I will not be planning anything so far in advance this time.

Of course if I'd been focused on my business instead of local voluntary activities I'd most likely be 'lying on a beach in the Bahamas' (as one bullying pubco regional director told me he would be if he owned a tied pub with my turnover).

Imagine, that idiot is now director of one of the cuddly 'family brewers'.

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