Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hands up all those who love the beer tie?

I cant stretch my arm far enough to make my point; Robert, you've really got your feet under the table now - tapping away with ever more fluency, exposing the nonsense that is the beer tie and the headless, Managing Director, chickens who operate their pubs under its protection.

The tie was an aberration when the Beer Orders came into force giving a bunch of suited spivs and shysters the opportunity to get hold of it to wring the profit out of the nation's pubs.

Without the tie these pubco fiefdoms would never have risen and the spivs would not be the men they are; worried about their pocket linings getting thin and their multi million share options being worth less than toilet paper - because of their own mismanagement of their own playing field.

Had the tie been abolished, as it should have been around 1998, the landscape of Britain would not be littered with broken, dilapidated pubs that used to be vibrant community hubs which are now sold 'suitable for alternative use STPP'. The nation's heritage would be healthier and wealthier and there would be a cafe society in our pubs instead of in corporate American imports and Italian spoofs. And the beer revolution that's just taking off right about now, would have been running along nicely at least a decade ago.

OH! By the way - don't you remember Simon Townsend - the country's authority on forensic detail of tenants' mass inability to run their own businesses well - telling Greg Mulholland and the Save the Pub Group, in June I think it was, that there is absolutely no relationship between the rents Enterprise charge and the level of debt the company carries. Nothing at all, nada. Absolutely no connection between income and debt. NO. None.

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