Sunday, August 28, 2011

Are we really in a terrible state?

Ahem, in MY Society it’s interesting to hear the boss speaking his mind out loud.

MY Society NEEDS to be challenging, dynamic, irritating, active, agitating, leading, pushing wider society’s agenda – which is decades behind where it must be – if we are to stop traditional capitalism from driving humanity to the brink of utter extinction which plainly is exactly what we are collectively allowing.

When Guido Fawkes’ cage is rattled and he starts nitpicking around things afoot at RSA it’s a sure sign that something right is going on here. He points out that ‘ordinary Fellows’ are unnerved by Matthew Taylor and the ‘management’ is taking it places they don’t like. Fawkes quotes Kevin Cahill, Chair of the South West Region, challenging Taylor ahead of last year’s AGM:

“We have a perfect mandate and a simple mission, there is nothing in our mandate about reforming society or changing humanity, those are the wild utopian missions of the person in charge.“

RSA’s original charter to “embolden enterprise, enlarge science, refine art, improve our manufactures and extend our commerce” is neither a mandate nor in any way a simple mission. It’s an extraordinarily wide ranging Statement of Intent which could hardly be more apt for today’s circumstances.

Try to imagine a more ambitious or demanding foundation statement for a fledgling Society to lay as the cornerstone upon which its future would be built. More than 250 years on it stands as vital and fresh as the day it was written and will, if boldly enacted now, present society with solutions that are urgently needed to prevent society from consuming itself out of existence.

SOMEONE needs to be demanding Utopia because without achieving it we will be pointless unremarked history in our universe. Overall we’ve been too busy selling family silver, building straw houses and feathering our personal nests to be bothered to notice we are leaving nothing for our future.

We HAVE to radically change the way we do EVERYTHING and it CAN be done but it won’t as long as we consider that it’s MY Society rather than OURS.

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