Monday, July 18, 2011

Operators sign up to BDM course

I recommend close reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by all BDM's then close reflection on what they do every day in their jobs and how that impacts on their 'customers' - their lessees. If they reflected upon these things rationally I'm sure few of them would have the moral courage to continue in their work as they do.

Here's the link:

Articles 23 - 25 may be of particular interest to anyone involved with a tied pub company lease - at any level of activity.

S&NPC speeds up online recruitment

Objectively it would appear that I am an ideal candidate for taking on one of the hundreds of pubs S&NPC 'manages' on behalf of other companies like RBS for example. I certainly have experience in the right area. And S&NPC employees themselves have described me as an 'exceptional operator' (apart when they were trying to almost double my rent of course). Trouble is the figures don't stack up. When you take into account the cost of bringing dilapidated premises up to code, irritating things like fixed costs, cost of sales, the remarkable lack of product choice and incredibly poor service, risible 'bunting' product support and that the pubco earns something like three times more than the tenant does out of their pubs it feels like taking a look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights then getting a job filling shelves in a supermarket would be a better option than signing a tied lease.

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