Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chav Chev on Choumert

Like the orange and the red neck feel of this crate. I don't understand the suspension on it. Nor do I understand the speed bumps it will struggle to negotiate.

Speed bumps, or 'sinusoidal humps' as road planners call them (seriously, without even a titter) are just one of many pieces of clear evidence that we have so far not been able to create a Civil Society. And that, actually, we are not that bothered about creating a Civil Society and that is, probably, because the way it is keeps the poor apart from the rich and most of the rich really like it that way.

NO. Rather than educate all people well we prefer to spend Hundreds of Billions of pounds on 'traffic calming' systems and on satellite dishes that marr our landscape and a penal system that hasn't a hope in hell's chance of ever working. Makes loads of sense that.

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