Thursday, June 09, 2011

Tim Martin is the most influential person in the pub industry

Tim Martin's being there at the top is not a surprise - for obvious reasons - but what IS a shocker is that the top political dogs in the country are included the top fifty of the most influential movers and shakers in the pub industry. WHAT? WHY?

We must ask ourselves just why these particular blokes are in this 'influential' list at all?

It can only be that David Cameron, George Osborne and James Brokenshire are here by default because of the deafening silence they bring toward making any impact WHATSOEVER on pubs and the state of the pub industry. Successive governments' greatest impact on the pub industry has been through their shocking lack of interest they've shown toward what is surely the most emblematic and important cornerstones of British community and small business life.

Next; why is Vince Cable up there? Vince hasn't made any impact at all so far and by all anecdotal accounts isn't likely to. Adrian Bailey, IF he's able to preside over an earth shaking continuation of the vaguely sterling work done by previous Select Committee Chairs, MAY be very influential in the future but until the outcome of the upcoming, long awaited follow up inquiry next month there's no telling what impact he's likely to have on the pub industry. Even if he brings a resounding indictment of the Codes of Practice and the total lack of teeth in the smoke and mirrors of all of the supposed 'free of tie' options (without open market rent review) being offered by Tom Dicky and Harry pubcos, there's no guarantee whatever that anything will ever happen with the recommendations because, YES, they will go up to Dave, George and Jim and nothing will be done. Yet again.

Ed Davey isn't in there at all as far as I can see and Mark Prisk is yet to raise his flag in any significant way, to be shortly followed by Bob Neill who's not even in there at all (HE'S ONLY OUR PUBS MINISTER) sorry Bob if you are in there, I just could not spot your moniker in spite of several scans through the list of the great and bad.

In all seriousness, when it comes to politicians, Greg Mulholland should be right at the top of the list. He's the only politician who's proven himself to be on top of the game, he's the only one who understands the industry from top to bottom, he's the only one to be consistently active about pubs, he's the only one who's shown he's got a firm grip of the subject.

Finally, for the time being, I think you'll find that No 44 David Rushmore is in actuality David Rusholme. But there you are what do I know? Just a little tied publican spending too much time 'blogging' instead of concentrating on building up my business so I can keep struggling to pay my rent and double the price they should be beer invoices.

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