Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Marston's wins franchise agreement accreditation

Given the state of the pub industry and the approaching recession, which has NOT bitten anywhere as near deep into pubs as it's going to over the next two years, I'm sure HMRC has little confidence in the ability of many sole operator pubs actually being able to keep up with PAYE in the long run and as far as they are concerned an agreement to accept this 'Franchise' under self employed status looks like a more reliable bet now than sticking with the little businesses they've been seeing flushing down the toilet pan of pubco history at ever alarming rates.

Phew, please forgive that long sentence.

RE: Marston's wins franchise agreement accreditation

By the way, Ralph, how about applying this model to the Black Swan in Belford? I couldn't even be bothered to take a pic or go in and find out what's happening this half term - it looks more run down and knackered than ever. Couldn't find the heart to hear more tales of impossible odds. That place, if invested in properly and well run; the way it was before it fell into the pubco tied lease mire, would be doing north of £500K a year on food and drink alone and rooms in that location could bring in another £100K without breaking sweat.

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